Most speeding offences are dealt with by way of a Fixed Penalty Notice. This results in 3 penalty points and a £60 fine. They can also result in court proceedings where you may face a fine, 3 – 6 penalty points and the possibility of disqualification depending on the speed and circumstances.

The higher the speed, the greater the risk of an instant ban and as a general rule of thumb over 50 in a 30 zone and over 100 in a 70 zone there is a risk of an immediate driving ban. The ban can vary from a week in some cases up to 6 months is the worst examples. The range of penalty points is 3–6 which might be enough to make you a totter and be in line for a 6 month ‘totting’ ban. The higher your speed the more likely a ban but then the more benefit from having us to defend you.

The Court has to take into account all issues that are raised to include both mitigating features introduced by the defence and any aggravating circumstances mentioned by the prosecution. If you are given the opportunity of to plead guilty by post it is normally best to take advantage of that offer but assistance to fill in the form with your mitigation can be very important.

Most speeding cases will be dealt with outside formal court proceedings. Often this will mean the fixed penalty ticket being offered to you. Sometimes you will be offered a course to attend where the cost is usually slightly higher than the fine would be but it does not count as a conviction and does not appear on your licence. The police will however be swayed by the actual speed registered when deciding how to process the case and whether to offer the prospect of a guilty plea by post. This is important as the Magistrates will need you to attend before them if they want to disqualify you.

There are defences to run on a speeding case but in reality you will know whether there was a good excuse that is sufficient to run a defence or at least you will feel sufficiently aggrieved by the situation to realise it is worth taking advice. Even if you do not have a defence it may be possible to consider arguing against points being added to your licence and no fine imposed. This would require a court hearing to argue the point and possibly to call evidence. Courts insist on the Prosecutor being put on notice of such applications but then we know the procedure and can guide you through it professionally.

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