Some cases are rightly termed ‘Complex Cases’ but there is no simple way of describing what it is that makes them more complicated than other cases. Cases become complex for many different reasons. The types of cases that turn complex are also very varied. What we are confident about is that we are well able to master and deal with these cases – whatever the complexity. The great thing about a complex case is that we aim to be in control of it, to keep track of the complications and probably look to see how more complex it can be made, to ensure we keep control of the case by being the side on top of the problems.

Sometimes the best defence case can only become clear when the case is made more complicated than it might really deserve. As you get on top of the complications created this can sort out the real issues and make the defence case (more) clear.

We qualified first in Kent for the serious fraud panel run by the old Legal Services Commission in the days when only about 200 firms were permitted to deal with such cases throughout England and Wales. The quality of such firms was extremely high in those days.

We work with an excellent team of expert Barristers who we know well. We pride ourselves on being able to match Barristers to the cases and to the clients. We are known for our skill in putting together the correct teams. It was Lord Justice Moses who said of our team to our client in one murder case:

‘Your team is one of the more distinguished and capable teams available to any defendant in any criminal case’.

Contact Daniel Bonich to discuss your case and satisfy yourself that we can offer the skill and service you need. If out of office hours ring us on our out-of-hours emergency only number at 01892 523999 and ask to be put through to Daniel Bonich. In normal office hours ring Daniel Bonich on 01732 360999. Speed of contact is very important.

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