Cash detention and forfeiture is an area of increasing interest to the Police and Customs. If you have cash on you it appears you have to prove it is yours and that you came by it honestly.

A person’s purse/wallet is certainly not their castle anymore. This is not a correct assessment of the law when it comes to Cash Detention and Forfeiture – it is simply the way it appears to be operated. It is important to remember that the Police or Customs will need to prove the money came from, or was intended for, criminal activity; you are not required to prove the alternative unless they manage to prove their part first.

The problem with these types of proceedings (apart from the fact that legal aid is no longer available) is that the cost of legal assistance can be too much. The case can seem simple to prepare and present but legal costs build up rapidly. The source of the cash may be obvious to you but the country has reached a sorry state where, if you have cash, the courts and others will immediately assume you are up to no good.

We can assist with advice on what you need to do to prepare your case and to present it in court. We can also help to get you represented in court as cheaply but effectively as necessary by making good use of our contacts at the Bar which includes young but very good junior barristers who are able to deal with these hearings for much less than a solicitor has to charge. You have to make difficult decisions about the need for legal advice and assistance as opposed to the business decision of value compared to what you hope to recover as well as the likelihood of recovery.

If this is your problem and you need our help contact Dan Bonich immediately to discuss your case. We can help with a fixed fee arrangement to help you to sort things out. In normal office hours ring Dan on 01732 360999.

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