Forced Marriage Protection orders (FMPo) have been brought in by the Government so that If you are concerned about your safety you can also apply for a forced marriage protection order to protect you.

A Forced Marriage Protection Order is a legal document issued by a judge which is designed to protect you according to your individual circumstances. It contains legally binding conditions and directions that require a change in the behaviour of a person or persons trying to force another person into marriage.

The aim of the order is to protect the person who has been or is being forced into marriage. Orders can be made in an emergency to protect someone straightaway. If someone disobeys the order of the court, they can be arrested and brought back to the court, the court has power to send them to prison for up to two years if it finds them in contempt of court. A Forced Marriage Protection Order could be served on your family members in the UK and it could instruct them to ensure that you are safely brought back to the UK or prevent you from
being taken overseas. If you are in a country where the law states that you need someone else’s permission leave, a Forced Marriage Protection Order could state that the person responsible must grant permission for you to leave.

You can tell the court if you are worried about going to court or giving evidence in court. The court has powers to protect vulnerable or intimidated witnesses. If you are confident speaking English the court can also arrange an interpreter for you. You will need to complete form FL401A “Application for a Forced Marriage Protection Order”. You will have to pay a court fee unless you are in receipt of certain benefits. If you show that a payment of a court fee would involve undue hardship to you, you may only have to pay part of the fee.