Then a court is considering the appropriate sentence following a conviction for indecent images of children the starting point will be the sentencing guidelines set out beginning at page 74. The thing to notice is that the seriousness of the sentence escalates very quickly and the prospect of being sent to the Crown Court for sentence crops up quickly.

A magistrates’ court will send you to the Crown Court for sentence when they believe their sentencing powers are not great enough which means they have concluded the sentence ought to be greater than 6 months. Each person’s case is different. The aggravating factors always seem to be more likely to outnumber the mitigating factors. That can continue to be the case if you do not prepare early and discuss the possible areas for mitigation. Often time is needed to prepare the mitigation to a point where it will impact on the court to your advantage. It is important to bear in mind that not all ‘obvious’ mitigation is helpful to you.

Our preference is to see clients early on to go through all the possibilities. We do not like to come away from court with the thought that perhaps the client did not do their best to instruct us to aim for the best result.

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