We can help you with any of the various ways that you could be charged/summonsed with an excess alcohol offence or indeed any drink cases. You may be charged with driving with excess alcohol, in charge of a vehicle with excess alcohol, failing to provide a specimen for analysis or even causing death by careless driving whilst under the influence of drink or drugs.

The likely sentences for these offences vary considerably but disqualification is either compulsory or likely. There is no better way to check out likely sentences than to look up the offence in the Sentencing guidelines. You may find not all offences are included in the guidelines. In that case you need help to find relevant case law to help to understand the level of seriousness. One of the real advantages to be found in the guidelines is to study the lists of aggravating features and noting the much shorter list offered for mitigating factors. We can help to identify mitigating factors for you whilst guiding you away from aggravating features.

There are areas that can be investigated by us to seek out defences or, failing a defence, to look for reasons to keep the sentence as low as possible. It takes the sort of experience our lawyers have to ensure that all matters are considered. What you need to bear in mind is that you need to instruct your solicitors as early as possible as some enquiries can take some time to be sorted and leaving it until the day of the hearing or a few days before can often mean you do not benefit as much as we would like due to lack of time.

A driving licence is always very important and can mean your livelihood and loss of a driving licence could mean your home is at risk due to loss of income. Bear in mind that there is always the possibility of a prison sentence and if convicted of causing death under the influence a prison sentence is almost bound to follow.

Our expertise will help to ensure the charges are defended as fully as possible and your mitigation is presented most effectively. Legal aid may be available, you may want to check your car and household insurance cover or we can discuss reasonable rates.

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