Contentious Probate

The death of somebody close to you is a difficult time but it is made all the more difficult when there is a dispute relating to the deceased’s estate. Usually the dispute is with another member of the family or a close friend of the family. The emotional impact is very great and without expert legal assistance the wrong decisions can be taken. The result can be devastating both financially and emotionally. The types of dispute that can arise include:

  • a challenge to the validity of the Will as the deceased may not have had the necessary mental capacity at the time of making the Will,
  • someone may have coerced the deceased into make this Will,
  • a claim being brought under the Inheritance Act by a family member or other dependant, on the basis that no or insufficient provision has been made under the Will or intestacy,
  • a claim based on promises made by the deceased but not dealt with,
  • a challenge to the appointment of executors,
  • applying for information and accounts from executors or administrators,
  • arguments over the way in which the Will is administered,
  • claims about the negligent drafting of the Will,
  • the Will was lost,
  • there are errors in the Will,
  • the Will was not executed properly. 

Any one of these matters is complex and trying to cope on your own at this time is probably not a good decision. You will benefit from sympathetic, expert, legal assistance.

You may contact us to ask for an initial meeting to allow you to decide whether you want to instruct solicitors to assist you and to consider the way in which you would like to work with your lawyers.

Contact Dennis Clarke by email or telephone him on 01732 360999. You should take advice early as there can be short time limits involved.

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