There is no promise of a laugh.  This is Bernard’s humour.

A neutron walks into a bar and orders a pint of best with a whiskey chaser.

“How much is that, my good man?” says the neutron.

“For you” says the barman, “No charge”.


Two Atoms were walking down the road together chatting about life in general.  There was an almost inaudible ping.

One says to the other ” Did you hear that? I just dropped and electron.”

“Are you sure asks the other?”

“I am positive,” replies the first.


Why don’t Heisenberg operators live in the suburbs?

Because they do not commute.


Do you know what they put on the plaque outside Heisenberg‘s house?

“Heisenberg might have lived here”


Why don’t you find photons in chapel?

Because they do not have mass.