Who can be prosecuted?

The Scrap Dealers for:

  • Failing to apply to vary a licence when there is a change in the licensee’s name, the site, the site manager for a site licence
  • Failing to apply to vary the name of a licensee in a collectors licence
  • Making a false declaration when applying for a site licence
  • Not responding to a request for information
  • Failing to notify of some specified matters
  • Keeping a site open in contravention of a closing order
  • Failing to display the licence appropriately
  • Failing to verify a person’s full name and address
  • Paying for scrap otherwise than by crossed cheque or transfer of funds
  • Inadequate keeping of records
  • Obstruction of constable or LA officer requesting access to site and/or records.

The Customer for:

  • Giving a false name and/or address.

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