The buy-to-let market has seen significant growth in the number of people expected to deal with the serious responsibility of being a landlord; and it is clear that not knowing what these responsibilities are could see you easily fall foul of the law with serious usually financial penalties being levied against you.

We assist landlords by providing advice in connection with all the legal steps involved in commencing a tenancy right up to ensuring the correct legal procedures are followed to bring the tenancy to an end. These obligations are extremely important as failure to abide by them is one of the most common basis of litigation against landlords, and could see even well meaning landlords saddled with heavy financial penalties in damages to their tenants.

Whether you are a landlord with a single property for let or a number of properties we are able to provide you with the guidance you need to ensure you are always compliant with your legal obligations. We advise on a full range of issues including the matters listed above and we also advise on relocations and lettings for clients in all sectors, property management matters, property dispute resolutions and terms and conditions of Tenancy Agreements.

If you have a problem tenant do not take a chance on doing what feels right to you. Contact us by Email or telephone on 01732 360999 to see how we can help and agree a costs package to suit you.

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