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No one ever thinks that their relationship will fail and that they will become one of the depressing statistics that chart the demise of relationship breakdown. When it does, the impact on the family is huge. In fact it is viewed as one of the top three most traumatic life experiences that we ever have to suffer.

Our family team is committed to the Resolution ethos of minimizing conflict between couples and trying to negotiate a fair and reasonable settlement in the interests of the whole family.

When dealing with divorce, judicial separation, dissolution of a civil partnwership or separation from a partner you have never married, there are a number of areas of law that may need to be considered in addition to obtaining a decree of divorce or separation.

  • What about the family home?
  • Your children, where are they going to live?
  • Financial support after the marriage is over?
  • The creation of trusts to preserve assets for the future?
  • Do you have a time-share or place in the sun to consider?
  • You may have a business with shares within the family, what happens to them?
  • What about pension provision for your retirement.?

We are experienced in dealing with all aspects of separation and divorce in a civilized, sensitive and professional manner, and able to offer advice when you need it.

Our fees structure is highly competitive. Divorces begin at £150.00 plus VAT.

Please contact us for further information and if required a bespoke costs arrangement.

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