Sex Offences

Sex offences are a special type of case where the consequences of a conviction tend to last well beyond any sentence and affect a person in very many ways. Sex offences need professional care and skill that we can offer and take pride in producing. The types of sex offences include Rape, Child Abuse, Grooming, Indecent Assault, Indecent Exposure, Voyeurism, Possessing or downloading Indecent Images of Children, Extreme Pornography and Trafficking.

Our solicitors understand the issues in such cases. They know how difficult such allegations are to deal with at the emotional level and how this impacts on the preparation of a defence case. We consider at an early stage the sort of steps that need to be taken to ensure your interests are protected. Whether or not the allegation is admitted we can put you in touch with relevant experts including medical intervention where this is likely to be of help. It might be a very important step to protect your interests by having investigations at an early stage in case we need a report for use in any court proceedings.

You may need to bear in mind that sex offences often carry lengthy terms of imprisonment. With your liberty at risk the future can suddenly become a difficult, worrying and very lonely place. It is also the situation that others close to you will be adversely affected as well. Early expert legal assistance will benefit you and others you care for.

You can trust our expertise and our dedication to look after your interests, advise on how to deal with any investigation, prepare your defence and if necessary advise on steps to take to minimise the risks on sentence.

We like become involved as early as possible to ensure that your rights are protected. The worst thing a suspect can do is assume things will go away. Often these matters are dealt with by specialist police squads who have the skills to investigate and the ambition to charge and take to trial. Our criminal solicitors are used to dealing with all types of investigators and will provide you with excellent advice on what needs to be done. If an officer wants to talk to you then make sure you do not fall for the false theory that being represented by a solicitor is a sign of guilt. It is merely a sign that you are taking things seriously.

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