Local Council’s are responsible for the licensing of taxi companies and taxi drivers. Each Council sets policies with the objectives of ensuring the safety of the public and drivers, the prevention of crime and the provision of professional taxi services. If the Council’s policies are good and if they are implemented properly then the trade benefits as the public’s trust in local taxi firms increases.

Where a Council feels that it has evidence that an offence or a breach of licensing policy has occurred the Council has a range of powers open to it that can affect a driver’s ability to work and/or a proprietor’s ability to operate. These include; Suspension of a licence, Revocation of a licence, Refusal to grant/renew a licence, Issuing warnings or cautions and ultimately Criminal Prosecution. When a Council seeks to use such powers it may be possible to challenge the steps or decisions being made by the Council.

If your livelihood as a taxi driver or an operator has been affected by a local council’s investigation or decision in respect of a licence you hold or have applied for then contact Dan Bonich by phone on 01732 360999 or email him by clicking here.

We can provide advice and/or representation to drivers, proprietors and operators on all Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Licensing matters including; Suspension, Revocation and Refusal to Grant/Renew Licenses. We can also provide advice and/or representation in respect of Interviews Under Caution, Disciplinary Hearings, Prosecutions and Appeals. The quicker you take the decision to seek advice the better the chances of our being able to help you to achieve a just decision.

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