The usual way that an investigation begins for fraudulent trading is for the liguidator of a company to report this for a criminal investigation to begin. If you find yourself involved in such an investigation it is excellent advice to seek expert legal assistance at the earliest opportunity and preferably before any interview takes place.

Dishonesty is an essential ingredient of the offence being investigated. Unfortunately for you everyone is now blessed with 20/20 hindsight and will want to proceed on the basis that what is now apparent to them ought to have been obvious to you when decisions were made by you in good faith and for the benefit of the business, its creditors and its customers. By coming to the experts we can work with you to identify the likely areas where the investigators will want to concentrate their questions and seek to ensure you are ready to give your full explanation to show why the decisions taken were the right ones at the time.

If allegations of fraudulent trading are brought against you the chances are that you will also face the full rigours of the Proceeds of Crime Act which adds significantly to the work, complexity, and the severity of the consequences if convicted. All of these matters need to be considered as the case proceeds to ensure your interests are fully protected. You do need the advice of solicitors who are used to all aspects of these cases and not just your local solicitor who is known to appear in the local courts.

Over many years we have demonstrated our skill in dealing with all manner of complex allegations and fraudulent trading is just one of the specialist areas we are reknowned for.

If you believe you have made a mistake in a choice of solicitors or if you began with a duty solicitor, we can advise you on how to change representation. This is not a problem. We are often asked to take over cases from other firms.

Contact Dennis Clarke to discuss your needs and agree a fee structure to deal with this. At the same time why not have a policy to deal with other eventualities that are usually ignored but which will be expensive if no plan is in place. See our business section for more.

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