Clarke Kiernan LLP remains at the forefront of the continuing fight for justice for former Sub-postmasters who were victims of what is now recognised to have been the biggest miscarriage of justice in UK legal history. We continue to lead the ways in the fight for justice for those effected by the Horizon scandal :

  • We provide a variety of flexible fee options for clients :
    • public funding (Legal Aid) where available
    • Competitive fixed fee schemes for those who prefer this option
    • No win, no fee (where we are paid from your compensation if we succeed on your behalf)
  • No-obligation free initial consultation providing confidential legal support to assess your case and discuss your options
  • Challenging wrongful convictions and helping to clear your name
  • Helping you secure compensation for the damage done as a result of a wrongful prosecution
  • Providing practical and legal advice to those being offering payments through the Historic Shortfall Scheme

    Our services

Appeals against Post Office Horizon Criminal Convictions

Clarke Kiernan LLP have been at the forefront of the fight to help victims of the Post Office Horizon Scandal clear their names and have their convictions overturned in Court.

We have acted for clients in landmark cases since April 2021 – when the highest ever number of appellants to go to the Court of Appeal in a single case was heard brought by 57 victims of the Horizon scandal and which led to 39 long-standing convictions being overturned.

There have been further successful appeals since in both the Court of Appeal and the Crown Court. We continue to present appeals on behalf of a number of wrongly convicted Sub-postmasters.

Post Office Horizon Compensation Claims

Clarke Kiernan LLP  continues to represent wrongly convicted clients after having their convictions are overturned. Those who were wrongly convicted may be entitled to compensation in the form of  damages for the suffering and loss caused by being wrongly convicted, and the consequences that followed. 

In December 2021, Postal Affairs Minister Paul Scully pledged the Government would make funding available to ensure proper compensation payments are made to Sub-postmasters whose convictions are overturned. Details of the scheme can be found at :

We have secured compensation for clients and continue to act for clients caught up in one of the largest miscarriages of justice ever seen in this country.

If you would like to discuss how we can help you with your claim as a result of a Horizon prosecution please contact a member of our team.

The Historical Shortfall Scheme was set up to compensate people affected but not convicted of crime by the Post Office.

If you were one of more than 2,400 applicants to the Historical Shortfall Scheme, we can help you secure the damages you deserve.

Our team is able to review compensation offers made through the scheme. We will assess the evidence and provide advice as to whether we think the offer is a fair amount and whether you should accept it. We are concerned that many offers are not being fully reviewed and that victims are not being properly compensated for the true impact the Horizon scandal had on them. 

We can also provide advice on how to seek a higher level of damages to ensure the correct compensation is paid.




Shoulder to shoulder with sub-postmasters

We are proud to have been standing at the side of victims and their families from the very start of this scandal, representing law-abiding, honest and hard-working people whose lives and reputations were ruined when prosecuted for crimes they did not commit, based on unreliable computer evidence that the Post Office knew was unreliable.

We have unrivaled experience in cases relating to the Horizon Scandal, having been involved from the outset and having already helped many of our clients to clear their names at the Court of Appeal.