At Clarke Kiernan LLP Solicitors we deal with cases in all Courts in England and Wales as well as in the European Court of Human Rights. We are based in Tonbridge, Kent, Chislehurst, London and Barry, Wales but deal with cases over a very wide area, as you might expect for a firm with our reputation. Many people want to use our services no matter where they live or where their cases are to be heard.

It remains as true now as it ever was that good, professional legal advice, purchased as early as possible is more likely to be of benefit to you than waiting and seeing what happens.  Reacting to events rather than seeking to control them is usually a bad idea. Early investment can direct the preparation and tactics early enough to maximise its usefulness thereby helping to achieve the best outcome.

As solicitors we help people to assert or defend their rights through litigation or negotiation. We aim to hit the ground running for our clients; assess the likely optimum way forward to give you maximum opportunity to achieve your best result at the least cost. You can contact us to ask for help with many areas of law including all types of FraudGeneral CrimeRoad Traffic, Prison Law, DivorceChildrenFinances, Child Abduction, HousingContentious ProbateProfessional NegligenceRegulatory Investigations and Prosecutions, Police Cautions and many more areas.

Just because we have not added a page to deal with your particular problem does not mean we do not cover it. You can see from our site that we have a very broad mix of skills that we can bring to any case. If you do not find your exact problem listed in this site you should at least realise that we do have the necessary skill-set to help you. Telephone us to talk about your case. You will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly we can assure you that we are the expert litigation lawyers who should be dealing with your case.

Now that the Government has removed legal aid from so many areas of law including large areas of criminal work the need to have access to good quality legal advice is critical. That advice needs to be offered flexibly so that you decide what work you want/need to work on yourself with a view to ensuring that the costs are kept within manageable parameters while doing all that is reasonably necessary to prepare your case.

Contact details are available under “Find Us” or send us an email from the Contact page.

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