If you are pursued by HMR&C this can be daunting as their powers seem to be so great that you cannot imagine taking them on. That is when you need to instruct Solicitors who are used to dealing with HMRC as well as many other investigating and prosecuting agencies. Whether your problem is with the Inland Revenue or with Customs and Excise our experience is better than most.

We have had many cases where we were able to demonstrate our expertise dealing with HMR&C. We have an excellent record defending clients in very large and very complex prosecutions. These cases can take an age and grow like Topsy. We are not worried nor intimidated by this. Often these cases involve Restraint Proceedings that need a different set of skills – but we are not found wanting in that field either.

The types of cases brought by HMR&C are varied as well as complex. We have a very wide experience of dealing with all manner of cases brought by HMR&C including Missing Traders, Excise Evasion, Tax Evasion, Tobacco, Alcohol, People Smuggling, rebated heavy oil, in fact any subject you care to ask about.

The Investigation stage with HMRC can take a very long time indeed. It is important you get good quality advice at every step of the way so as to ensure you are ready to give any explanations that might be appropriate. The best way of dealing with a HMRC prosecution is to see if you can stop it before it gets to that stage. Bear in mind that HMRC will use the full resources available to them and will have no worries about the costs that are incurred.

If this is your problem then contact Dennis Clarke as quickly as possible. If out of office hours ring us on our out-of-hours emergency only number at 01892 523999 and ask to be put through to Dennis Clarke. In normal office hours ring Dennis Clarke on 01732 360999. Speed of contact is very important.
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