No one makes the decision lightly to take someone else to court and it can be frightening when you find yourself taken to court. The court procedures are complicated and keep changing. If you cannot keep up with the procedures what chance do you have with the Law and evidence? As the case progresses how are you meant to know what your chances are of success in the case or or defending a claim brought against you?

Should you find yourself in this position our civil department offers a friendly, accessible service to guide and help you through the different stages of the court proceedings. We deal with cases in most areas of law. We take on cases in Housing Law, Employment law, we deal with Actions against Public Bodies and the Police, Debt, Immigration, Professional Negligence and Contentious Probate. We manage our cases in a professional and cost effective way to ensure that you are advised about your rights and options as soon as possible in order that you can then make the best decision, in a timely manner to decide how to proceed with your case or – if best for you – how to to settle it. We begin matters with a detailed discussion to ensure we understand the service you need and what cost you can afford before agreeing the terms of engagement.

We understand that the cost of litigation is a very important factor and to help we will assess clients for financial eligibility for public funding where available and explain other available funding options.

Contact our litigation team to discuss your needs and agree a fee structure to deal with this.

Clarke Kiernan, Civil Law Solicitors