These cases can be almost anything. The variety is too great to list all the possibilities we can help with. We have good experience dealing with very large cases dealing with human medicines, animal medicines, asbestos, heavy rebated oil, ticket touting, levels of peroxide in cosmetics, and more.

These cases normally require the ability to consider and understand complex regulations. It is often essential to consider the UK law and the EU law as it is necessary to make sure the UK law is consistent with the EU Regulations. Just occasionally the UK version is sufficiently out of kilter with the EU regulations that a fresh defence can be pursued.

English Acts can be complex but Regulations are always complex and in need of expert consideration. Case law relating to these cases is not so easy to find but the prosecuting authorities have excellent libraries of the old cases – they were involved in all the cases after all.

One problem with Regulatory cases is that if you are convicted the investigators will ask for a costs order against you. The costs that will be requested will involve the costs of investigation as well as the costs incurred in preparing for Court. The figures are usually in the thousands of pounds for what would often seem to be quite simple cases even if the case is finished with a guilty plea on the very first occasion in court.

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