Your interest in the subject might be related to an appeal against refusal of a certificate, revocation of your certificate or due to a criminal investigation that involves firearms – these tend to be serious matters with lengthy terms of imprisonment being the norm.

Being in possession of a shotgun and/or firearm is treated highly suspiciously by the courts with consequent heavy sentences being given very freely. Breaches of licence conditions, even breaches that you might think are minor can be dealt with very seriously and you will be caught out quite badly unless you obtain prompt legal assistance from experts in the field. Some lawyers can get the level of seriousness wrong and as a consequence you will not be properly prepared, you might not defend a complaint believing it is merely a technical breach and you might find yourself in prison with no warning.

As most firearm offences are dealt with in the Crown Court you will be entitled to legal aid for that part of the case. You will also be entitled to legal aid for any time spent in the Police Station for any investigation.

There will be no legal aid available for appeals relating to firearm/shotgun certificates.

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