The food hygiene and safety legislation will affect you and your business if you are in the food industry which will include restaurants, food retailers, cafés, take-aways and catering companies. You will already be doing your best to comply with the legislation but what if you find yourself subject to an investigation or prosecution for alleged breaches?

When it comes to the health of the general public you know that the Local Authorities and the courts will take a serious view and punish accordingly. However, you will be at least as concerned about the impact on your good name.

You can try to reduce the risks involved in an investigation and prosecution by taking expert advice at the earliest opportunity.

It is not usually the best decision to take an aggressive stance with the investigating officers. It will be useful to make full use of our professionals to ‘mediate’ between you and the Local Authority as we will understand the law and procedure and be intent of seeking the best resolution for you and your business.

By taking immediate action and enlisting the help of our experts you may be able to avoid prosecution and some damaging publicity. If you are prosecuted you will benefit from our advice and support throughout the whole process. We will want to achieve the same outcome as you and will make full use of the law and procedure to try to achieve the best outcome possible and causing the least disruption to your business.

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