If you are being investigated for or charged with possession of indecent images you will be rightly concerned about the consequences to you. The maximum sentence on Indictment is 5 years and the sentencing at even the lower end of culpability is usually quite tough and quickly moves into a recommendation of a prison sentence.

If the investigation relates to allegations of taking, distributing, publishing or possession with a view to distribute or show indecent photographs then the maximum sentence is 10 years with a high likelihood of prison at even the lowest of levels. There is no doubt as to the seriousness the court will consider such charges.

The sooner you take advice from experts such as us the sooner you can start to set out your defence or, failing any defence, to begin to sort out the reasons why the court ought not impose the likely serious sentence in your case. The sooner advice is taken the more likely effective preparation can be implemented. Paths to follow include the prospect of a defence, representations for a caution or working on those matters that will help you in court.

Usually the court will look closely at the sentencing guidelines at least to decide where they begin their thoughts on sentencing. However, some aspects of a persons background can be taken as significant aggravation for sentencing purposes such as those who are in a position of authority or work with children.

The most important factor to take account of is the ‘level’ of the images. The higher the level the more likely that prison will be imposed. It ought to be obvious that taking advice is the only correct decision as the likelihood of some advantage is so great and the need to do something to try to improve your position so clear. Whateve else happens there will be the need to register under the sex offenders regulations.

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