It really is the nightmare scenario. You have been implicated in a serious offence and nobody is listening to you when you explain it is nothing to do with you. Then you are served with an Order that has been made against you and possibly your spouse preventing you from dealing with your assets and limiting what you can spend from your earnings. There is not enough spending money to cover your outgoings but nobody seems to care. Not only that but the Order at least allows you a small amount but then your bank will not allow you to draw out even that sum.

You need solicitors like us. We understand the system and can move quickly to help to sort out the situation so that you can at least get on with your life. Urgent applications need to be made for legal aid – the Order prevents you from paying lawyers to sort this out. Then an urgent application can be made to the Court to amend the Order (if no agreement can be reached with the prosecution).

At the same time you need solicitors who can deal with the criminal case and we are well known for our ability to deal with any large scale case no matter what complications are involved. We can move quickly and involve our expert barristers who will be keen to assist you as much as possible.

If this is your problem then contact Dennis Clarke as quickly as possible. If out of office hours ring us on our out-of-hours emergency only number at 01892 523999 and ask to be put through to Dennis Clarke. In normal office hours ring Dennis Clarke on 01732 360999. Speed of contact is very important.

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