Solicitor costs can be a very real impediment to your pursuing litigation or negotiation to protect or enforce your rights. We try to be flexible and understanding as to costs and working practices. We can tailor the way work is carried out to keep costs to a minimum. Setting the parameters of our working relationship early on ensures the matter can progress efficiently, effectively and without misunderstanding.

High legal costs can often mean that you cannot afford to assert your positive case or perhaps it increases the pressure that accompanies litigation by having to find the costs to pay the lawyers as the case progresses. The closer you get to the final hearing the more money you need to find to cover the costs and the greater the pressure.

It is important to discuss the financial impact at an early stage in order to ensure the preparation progresses in an agreed fashion to minimise any adverse impact of the costs on your ability to prepare your case and of course to minimise the emotional impact upon you. What you should do is discuss your financial situation with us and agree what you can afford. We can suggest the service that fits your financial position by, for example, discussing and explaining those tasks that you can carry out for yourself. We will help you to find the best but cheapest way to prepare the balance of the case.

We like to work with the Independent Bar as not only can the right expert Barrister bring additional advantages to you and your case, but the costs can actually be reduced by good planning. Allowing your barrister to take a full part in the preparation can be very beneficial in the way that the case progresses while avoiding duplication of effort. In many cases we can agree beneficial rates  for clients not only from Counsel but also our rates can be reduced to take account of any agreement whereby the decision making is taken on by counsel. We believe that openness and discussion can be helpful to all involved in your case.

It is important that you do not delay taking expert legal advice as early intervention can make a very big difference to the cost and the outcome of a case. Early guidance can ensure you remain focussed on what is important. We try to include a good cross-section on this site of the type of work we carry out but not everything gets a mention. You can see the very broad mix of skills we can bring to any case. If you do not find your precise issue listed in this site you may be able to spot the necessary skillset so do telephone us to discuss your needs.

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