Dealing in carbon credits is an industry that came out of nothing, but estimates put the market at about £80Bn by 2008. The problem with a new industry is that governments, investigators and prosecutors fail to undersand the nature and structure of such a fast moving industry. As a result when looking into a possible carbon credit fraud investigators can become involved in investigations that are capable of destroying legitimate businesses and creating havoc with personal lives when no criminal investigation ought to have been contemplated.

The fraudulent use of carbon credits have so far included missing trader intra-community fraud and boiler room fraud. The prospects of fraud with carbon credits remains high due to a failure to have any central regulation in order to control false/bogus credits. The complexity of these cases means that if you are caught up in such an investigation you must consider taking specialist advice from an experienced fraud lawyer at the earliest opportunity, with a view to ensuring that your interests are looked after, and with a view to minimising the impact up your business.

This is also an area where, due to the amount of profit that can be made from a criminal enterprise, many people may find themselves caught up quite innocently in the investigation because offenders have invested in their business or property. If you are caught up in this way you should take good legal advice from a fraud lawyer to ensure that you do not do anything that implicates you in criminal offending. If you take the wrong steps, no matter how much you feel you are acting reasonably, you may find that you are suddenly investigated for money laundering – something you will definitely want to avoid.
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