We understand that however prudently you borrow, changes in your circumstances could suddenly see you facing debt problems. Debt is of serious concern given the economic climate, and many peoples’ lives are badly affected by being in serious debt. There are many factors that lead to falling into debt and our debt department aims to improve the quality of your life by advising and assisting you as to the best way to cope with your debts.

Whilst it is not unusual to be in debt, the main issue is that it needs to be  manageable; it is essential that debts do not spiral out of control. One of the biggest worries is to assume, wrongly, that there is no way out of debt. Often, nothing could be further from the truth. We specialise in providing solutions for people who are struggling with debt management.  We start off by getting a realistic and full picture of your financial position and preparing a budget from this; if you are a debtor we would start of by calculating what you can afford to pay towards each debt dependant on your monthly or weekly surplus. Reasonable offers supported by the information on your budget form usually lead to an arrangement being put in place to make payments until the debt is cleared. Other options such as trying to freeze interest on a debt can also be explored to prevent the debt from continuing to grow, and payment holidays in respect of mortgages can also be sought for a short period of time.

We also have extensive experience in issuing claims on behalf of creditors for money owing to them. So whether it is just the initial claim a person requires assistance with or pursuing the whole claim to a conclusion we are able to provide the required assistance.

Our department is dedicated to representing individuals, small businesses and limited companies. We are happy to assist with experience with court procedures, enforcement and insolvency and are able to provide advice and assistance in various areas of debt law:

  • County Court Judgments
  • Bailiffs
  • Possession proceedings on Mortgage arrears
  • Setting aside statutory demands
  • Challenging Bankruptcy Orders
  • Defending Possession and Sale Applications
  • Challenging or petitioning Bankruptcy

Should you require assistance in this department please contact Sarah Speller on 01732 360 999 or e-mail an enquiry to civil@clarkekiernan.com. We will assess you for eligibility for Legal Aid and also provide you with funding options prior to your meeting with us.
Contact our Litigation team to discuss your needs and agree a fee structure to deal with this.

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