If you are an owner of a business or work in a business that you want to support, it is important to understand how the business can be put at risk because somebody either involved in the business or connected with it acts in a criminal manner. If/when the criminality is discovered by the authorities the whole business could be at risk with consequent danger for the continuation of any employment.

The longer criminality continues the more likely it will be found out and the more likely a prosecution will close down the business due to the likely financial repercussions. Some people will genuinely find it difficult to determine what is clever business on the one hand and what is dishonest behaviour on the other. Understanding what areas of criminal law might apply to your industry is a start to help you to identify and avoid problems. However, if your are looking to get involved in a change of business activity and you have any concerns about potential criminal activity we can assist you by discussing the business opportunity and helping you to appreciate where issues might arise.

Contact Dennis Clarke to discuss your needs and agree a fee structure to deal with this. At the same time why not have a policy to deal with other eventualities that are usually ignored but which will be expensive if no plan is in place. See our business section for more.

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